Are you looking to adopt strategies and processes that take the country closer to Zero Waste to landfill? Then you’re in the right place.

Zero Waste is a key goal for any business operating today and we’ve worked hard to build innovative solutions to help our clients reach this goal. And, because we don’t own any landfills, we don’t profit from driving up your waste volumes. We profit from turning your waste into value and driving it away from landfills. Making your goal, our goal.

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Key benefits of a smart zero waste to landfill solution:


We offer innovative solutions that include anaerobic digestion, decanting operations, shredding waste for Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF) purposes, product destruction, and local and international trading of waste.


Future-forward technology

How would you like to be able to track, monitor and measure your impact on the environment at every turn? With innovative software and best-in-class technology, this is possible. In fact, our technology includes on of the world's best Carbon Calculators.


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