The science of recycling, reusing, and renewing.

Sustainability is more than a buzzword – it’s a vital reality. And at the core of sustainability and compliance is innovative, ethical waste management and robust reporting. We pride ourselves on being the catalyst that transforms your waste stream into a viable resource and offer key services to ensure you know your waste is being properly and responsibly managed.


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Ethical waste management

When you choose SmartMatta for your waste management partner, you’ll get environmentally sustainable solutions that deliver measurable business results and save costs in the long term - No hidden costs and no landfills to feed.

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Getting to Zero Waste

We know that getting to zero waste to landfill is a driving force for you. Not only for your business’s reputation, but because you truly care about the future of our planet. And we can help you get there. We don’t own landfill sites and work to divert waste from landfills.

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Who is SmartMatta?

At the heart of our business is innovation – innovation that drives our positive, proactive approach and determination to utilise every resource to benefit your business and the environment. We believe that innovation creates value, and increased value is what you want.

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Our Mission

To be the ethical waste management company who drives the world closer to zero waste to landfill through innovation and turning waste into value.

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Our values

At the core of our business we are: Ethical & Innovative

Our culture of customer-centricity and operational excellence enables us to find new, innovative ways to minimise waste while maximising productivity, profitability, and performance. And we do so while ensuring a high standard of ethics.


What is Re-Ethical?

When we first started in 1987, our brand was called AT Metal Trading. As time went on we built our brand on our passion to create a truly ethical waste management company and the three re’s:

Recycle • Renew • Reuse

So in 2003, we rebranded as Re-Ethical Environmental Re-engineering as we knew that the “re” was the future of waste management and this brand drove us to be even more innovative in our journey to reducing landfills.

We rebranded to SmartMatta in 2016, but the Re-Ethical values were still core to our business, now we have added the drive for sustainability too.


Who is WastePlan?

In 2020, SmartMatta became a part of the WastePlan ecosystem. WastePlan is a waste management and recycling company whose mission has always been to get to zero waste to landfill, which aligns strongly with our goals and values.

We believe the partnership between WastePlan and SmartMatta is going to bring companies across South Africa even closer to zero waste and together we can offer you specialised services and help your business help change the world… for the better.

BEE and Compliance

SmartMatta is a B-BBEE Level 2 accredited company and a value-adding supplier.

We pride ourselves on operating with the highest standards of ethics and governance. Our entire approach is underpinned by living our values, our worldwide code of conduct, and adhering to international standards of safety, governance and risk management.

SmartMatta’s certified Integrated Management System includes ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001. We also ensure our services and solutions align with industry-specific compliance and regulatory requirements.


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